Lab Orientation

  • Fall 2022 Orientation Video



  • PHY2053C (CRN 13258), Wafaa Khattou
  • PHY2053C (CRN 16891), Wafaa Khattou
  • PHY2053C (CRN 12431), Homaria Parchamy Araghy


  • PHY2054C (CRN 12426), Wafaa Khattou
  • PHY2054C (CRN 16892), Wafaa Khattou
  • PHY2054C (CRN 15197), Homaria Parchamy Araghy


  • PHY2048C (CRN 11717), Irina Struganova
  • PHY2048C, (CRN 17659), Ivan Padron


  • PHY2049C (CRN 17660), Ivan Padron

Physics Lab FAQ


How do I create the graphs for each lab?

Either find the template in your professor's Canvas page or download the  Slope and Standard Deviation Excel template. 


If I don't like the lab group I am working with, or we can't align our schedules, how do we get a different lab group?



Andrea Carvajal Lab Manager
Zachary A. Kelly Lab Instructor
Yves Carly Claude
Technical Specialist
Reinaldo Vazquez
Lab Assistant
Monique Anderson
Lab Assistant
Jonathan Daniel Guzman Lab Assistant
Devin A Tazzetto Lab Assistant
Gabriel Becerra Lab Assistant